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(as of this week, Feb 25, 2021)

OK, you landed here expecting the lowest mortgage rate, right?

So the answer is YES. You’ll get the lowest mortgage rate and best terms available anywhere. Here are 3 reasons why:

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We’re Low Rate Mortgage. That’s why we chose the name.

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In the off-chance that we’re not the lowest rate (hard to imagine, but could happen) we will match any legitimate lower rate you find elsewhere.

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That’s the easy part. There’s so much more. Here are 2 More Reasons so many people choose to work with us:


Our non-salaried financing advisors work for YOU. No Salaried fat cat loan officers Here. Your loan will be approved in hours, not weeks.

“The single biggest complaint we get from clients is that we move too fast!” – Andrew Guiterrez, CEO, Low Rate Mortgage

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Experienced Advice = Smart Options

Before locking in one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, let our Financing Advisors explore options other firms usually won’t share with you. Like leveraging your mortgage into a financial asset rather than a burden; or maximizing your available cash. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your home financing dreams and set you up for long-term financial success.

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2.65% with 2.826% APR*

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These rates are current as of 3:26 PM UTC on February 17, 2021

Real People, Real Scenarios

He gave us options, and all of the information for us to make our own educated decision on what would work for our current situation. Thank you again Andrew and team!

Alena G.

Refinancing a home is pretty intimidating. It really is comforting having someone who actually cares about your best interests.

Alena G.

Low rate mortgage was fantastic! When I was told by another company they could beat their rates and closing costs would be cheaper I was all for it. Turns out that was not the case!

Laura Spoole

The Low rate mortgage team was able to get the loan done without false promises and very competitive rates. Thank you to Everyone for making it possible to own my own home!

Laura Spoole

Getting a mortgage is an absolute nightmare! but they helped me to understand the process, and always made sure I knew what I needed to do at each step.

D. Moss

I have nothing but amazing things to say about these guys! It felt like they were available to us 24/7, and we felt like our paperwork was top priority even though we know they had other clients and projects they were working on.

Tanner Dannis

I love how the entire process was effortless on my part. Definitely who I’m recommending to my friends and family.

Dawn Lockheat

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You deserve someone who you can trust while you’re making one of the biggest decisions in your life.  From the second you reach out to us, until you can call that new home yours, our consultants will be there for you, throughout the entire home-buying process.

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You deserve someone who you can trust while you’re making one of the biggest decisions in your life.  From the second you reach out to us, until you can call that new home yours, our consultants will be there for you, throughout the entire home-buying process.

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With all of the spacious land just on the outskirts of Utah’s big cities, a home outside the city limits can prove to be an exceptional option. Fewer people, bigger property lots and far less traffic are upsides to living in rural areas – some of these areas are closer to big cities than you might think. Plus, there’s a loan you could qualify for that only people wanting to live outside of big cities can obtain.

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Utah Housing

If you’re a Utah resident looking for a home, the Utah Housing Program may be the right program for you, especially if you’re struggling to come up with enough money for a down payment or closing costs – if you qualify, there’s a good chance that the Housing Program loans will be a game-changer.

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Down Payment Assistance

Did you ever imagine that it was possible to get a loan with no down payment or as little as one percent? Don’t just fool yourself into thinking that you have to put 20 percent down to buy a house – that may have been the case in the past, but things are different now, allowing you to get into a home of your own without a substantial initial investment.

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If you’re a veteran looking to buy a home, your service means you could possibly pay absolutely nothing down on your next home. Promising lower rates and better payment terms, these loans make it so that every veteran or active US military member should look into this type of loan when buying a home.

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