Low Mortgage Rate – Everyone loves a low rate on their mortgage. And low closing costs. But this financial decision – possibly the biggest of your life – is about much more than just the lowest rate. Your mortgage is a financial tool and asset that can enhance the quality of your money picture for years to come.

Dream Home, Dream Mortgage

You work hard to find the home that fits perfectly – bedrooms, baths, schools, neighborhood.

How about dream financing?. Your financing should fit you and your dream home perfectly. Many homebuyers miss the opportunity to make this ideal match because they work with mortgage lenders who aren’t skilled or interested in doing the hard work of getting you the financing of their dreams.

Many Options

Financing or refinancing your home opens many mortgage-based options beyond just the rate. Here are a few that people often don’t think about:

  • Extra cash for financing college, remodeling, etc.
  • Debt reduction and consolidation
  • Lower payment
  • The faster payoff, shift available cash to other opportunities
  • Reduce total interest paid over the life of the loan
  • Keep more of my monthly payment

Getting There: Properly Motivated ExpertsSold

To understand and explore your best options, your advisor needs two things:

  1. Years of experience in personalized financing. They should be highly skilled in understanding the many options available and how to best fit them to your specific needs and situation. Look for expert financing advisors (not loan officers or underwriters) with decades of experience helping homeowners with innovative mortgage solutions to enhance and personalize their mortgages.
  2. Non-salaried advisors. Many mortgage companies have salaried loan officers or junior processors who get paid whether your loan closes tomorrow or next month. No matter what type of loan you end up with. Work with motivated financing advisors who work for you and they are paid when your loan is closed, and you are happy. The difference in motivation is night and day.

Low Rate and Beyond

You deserve the best of both worlds: the lowest rate and closing costs and years of expertise that will help you with the perfect financing fit for your dreams.

Low Rate Mortgage could be your answer. Find out why thousands of satisfied homeowners refer their friends year after year.


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