With all of the spacious land just on the outskirts of Utah’s big cities, a home outside the city limits can prove to be an exceptional option. Fewer people, bigger property lots and far less traffic are upsides to living in rural areas – some of these areas are closer to big cities than you might think. Plus, there’s a loan you could qualify for that only people wanting to live outside of big cities can obtain.

Interestingly enough, these loans don’t just apply to what most would consider an “agricultural area.” The loan is often available in areas that lay just outside of big metropolitan areas.

“I had a great experience with Low Rate Mortgage from start to finish.”

Phil Martinez

We will help you determine if you are eligible for this loan when we meet. Maximum income is an enormous determining factor for this loan, as is a credit check, but if you qualify, it does reap many benefits including:

  • 100 percent financing up to the appraised value
  • No private mortgage insurance for qualifying Utah homes
  • Flexible Utah credit qualifications
  • No Utah loan amount limitations

Call us now to find out if this is a loan that you qualify for. It’ll help you with the worries of not being able to put down so much money up front, and might be just the thing that can put you into the home of your dreams.

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