1. Dream

The biggest financial purchase of your life should fulfill your financial dreams as well as your dream home dreams.

You work hard to find the home that fits perfectly – bedrooms, baths, schools, neighborhoods

Don’t end up with financing that doesn’t fit perfectly – It’s your personal dream. Your financing should fit your dream situation. It’s more than just a low rate. Our advisors have decades of experience in helping homeowners find the perfect financial fit for your life.

“Dream home, dream financial fit” or “Dream Financing for Your Dream Home”. What’s your dream?

  • Pay off my mortgage faster
  • Reduce debt (besides mortgage)
  • Access cash
  • Reduce closing costs
  • Explore financial options
  • Lower my payment
  • Reduce total interest paid over the life of the loan
  • Keep more of my monthly payment
  • Get it done fast
  • Lowest possible interest rate

2. Motivation

Our Motivated Financing Advisors Work for YOU. No Salaried Fat Cat Loan Officers Here.

Competitors have salaried loan officers or junior processors who get paid whether your loan closes tomorrow or next month. Our Financing Advisors work for YOU – they are paid when your loan is closed and you are happy. Period. 

And remember, we’re Low Rate Mortgage. You’ll still get the lowest rate and competitive closing costs – just a whole lot more. Our financing advisors bring decades of experience and knowledge to focus on your specific financial dreams and how your mortgage financing can enhance that.

We can explore and customize many options you may not have considered – and won’t find with other mortgage companies. Some are now even offering digital loan officers. Who wants to talk to a digital loan officer?

Fast, Efficient  LRM vs. Slow Banks

How We Do It
How They Do It
Personalized Consult
Wait 2 days for call back
Create Options
2 Days
Complete Detailed Application
2 Days
Create Detailed Application
2 Days
Underwriting Approval
24 Hours
7 Days
2 Weeks
1-2 Months

3. Strongest Financial Pillar

Leverage the biggest purchase of your life into the strongest financial pillar of your lifestyle

Low rates are a given. That’s why we’re Low Rate Mortgage. But it’s about so much more than low rates. It’s about your financial strength and future. 

Your mortgage is much more than just the lowest rate. It’s a financial tool and asset that can enhance the quality and strength of your financial picture for years to come.

Our financing advisors are experts (not loan officers or underwriters) with decades of experience in helping homeowners with innovative mortgage solutions to enhance and personalize their mortgage.

What you get:

  • Personalized long-range financial impact planning
  • Innovative tools and ‘what-if’ options
  • Clear understanding of tradeoffs and benefits
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Extra cash for financing college, remodelling, etc.
  • Debt reduction and consolidation
  • Faster payoff, shift available cash to other opportunities

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